ATHENA Jean Monnet Chair

Multiple security crises have led to increased attention to the EU’s role as a global actor. How can the EU become a more effective global actor and contribute to international peace and security? With the new ATHENA Jean Monnet Chair, Dr. Dimitris Bouris (Chairholder) and Dr. Olga Burlyuk (Senior Researcher) will address this research question through interdisciplinary policy and research-based activities and courses that complement teaching, research and dissemination activities. The name of the Chair is inspired by the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom.

ATHENA Objectives

ATHENA aims to create a spirit of interdisciplinarity amongst students, academics, stakeholders, the public and policy makers with the purpose of generating cross-cutting knowledge that will enhance their awareness of EU affairs.

ATHENA will pursue three objectives:

  1. To strengthen and promote excellence in teaching and research on the EU’s role as a global actor. The Chair introduces innovations in new learning technologies and learning outputs. It will also focus on professionalization and transferability of students’ skills.
  2. To foster, expand and consolidate a broader community of scholars, stakeholders and policy-makers and generate knowledge and insights that will assist EU policy-making. Activities will include practitioners engagement events, Jean Monnet Annual Talks, workshops and conferences.
  3. To bring the EU closer to the Dutch and European public and youth. The Chair will promote active involvement of youth, students and leaders in the academic, policy and public debate. For example by introducing study trips to Brussels, EU Career Events and Simulation Games.

About the Jean Monnet Chair

Jean Monnet Chairs are funded by the European Commission to advance innovative teaching formats, high-level research, impactful dialogue between academia and core societal stakeholders as well as ‘knowledge and insights that can support EU policy-making and strengthen the role of the EU in a globalised world.’ The chairs are awarded to scholars with an ‘excellent profile and expertise in European Studies’ and with an ambitious agenda for innovative education, research and societal impact.

Meet the Athena Jean Monnet Chair team

Chairholder Dimitris Bouris

Dr Dimitris Bouris is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. Read more