The EU as a Global Actor: Peace, Security and Conflict (Dr. Dimitris Bouris)

The objective of this module is to provide students with insights into the dominant international approach to peacebuilding as well as different criticisms and dilemmas. The module also aims to analyze the different tools, policies and mechanisms that the EU has at its disposal in order to be an active peace-builder in its neighbourhood. As such, the module seeks to ‘unpack’ the main elements of peace, security and conflict resolution and also the changing nature of the EU’s external relations by looking at (a) the different tools, policies and instruments employed by the EU in this field; (b) the main actors and policy-making procedures that shape the EU’s role as a Global Actor; and (c) drawing empirical insights by focusing on specific case studies in the EU’s so-called near abroad.

The module will offers the opportunity to the students to become ‘decision makers’ and ‘agenda setters’, by conducting a simulation game focusing on a conflict in the EU’s neighbourhood. Guest speakers, high-level diplomats, distinguished academics, experienced practitioners and policy-makers will also be invited in the framework of the module as part of the ATHENA Jean Monnet Chair Practitioners Engagement Series.